The Race of Gentlemen

Pismo Beach, California

October 15 and 16, 2016

Ron McBroom - Production Mgr.

Set in southern California's Pismo Beach and hosted by the Oilers Car and Motorcycle Club, The Race of Gentlemen (TROG) is an automotive event that celebrates American racing heritage, where vintage automobiles and motorcycles battle for supremacy on the beach. Only American automobiles with bodies earlier than 1934 and pre-1947 American motorcycles are allowed to compete, making the event a must see for antique automobile and motorcycle enthusiasts.


Three members of the Comstock Chapter (Mark Lobsinger, Kelly Hogan, and George Canavan) attended TROG, and Mark participated on a 1945 U-model 74" Harley-Davidson that he prepared specifically for the event. Uncharacteristic weather conditions effectively put a halt on the racing action on Sunday, but Mark was able to get in a few runs on Saturday. Check out the great photos below from Mark's adventure.


Nice job Mark. Looks like a blast.

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