Class begins at the stated time and include a programmed warmup, Workout Of the Day (WOD), mobility work and dessert.  Each class is led by a coach from start to finish.  Members are encouraged to show up early and/or stay late to work on individual goals, mobility or simply hang out.


Please be sure to get in touch with us ahead of time if you are considering dropping in for a class!

Monday               Class               Coach                   

5:00 am*                  WOD                  Fitzhenry 

4:15 pm                    WOD                  Hagar

5:30 pm                    WOD                  Hagar



4:15 pm                     WOD                   Hagar

5:30 pm                     WOD                   Wilhelm



5:00 am*                   WOD                    Fitzhenry 

5:30 pm                     WOD                    Faulkner



4:15 pm                     WOD                    Hagar

5:30 pm                     WOD                    Wilhelm



5:00 am*                    WOD                    Fitzhenry                         

5:30 pm                      WOD                    Faulkner



9:00 am                      WOD                    Fitzhenry

*Weekday morning classes subject to change.  Please call ahead to confirm times.

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